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Another hobby that I've worked on in the past few years is my photography.   I haven't taken any courses yet but hope to someday if time and money permit.  In the meanwhile I simply "do it," as they say.  My animal family pose as my models.  I  love photographing animals, particularly cats because they're such amazing creatures, and being able to capture the personality that I see as I live with them is  the most rewarding and sometimes sad.   When one of my animal companions goes to the Rainbow Bridge I am comforted and sad at the same time, sad that I can no longer give them a hug and comforted that such a wonderful creature shared my life .   Animals are gifts , sometimes difficult gifts, but what they give to us is very hard for me to explain.   Enjoy my albums and while you're there check out my favorite member albums.  They're my favorites for a reason. 

Plans are in the works to offer prints of my photography.  If you see something that you would be interested in a print of let me know and I'll let you know when they will be available.  It's just one of the many things I will be offering for sale in the future as my site and business grows.  Since all of my kitties have been rescued, found by me, or they found me, or born in my home, a portion of proceeds will be going to support groups that help especially, particularly smaller groups, because they need the most help and usually do the best work with what little they have.  So keep checking back both here and in my other KNC venues for more information.